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Huggle Snuggle


Secure and supporting.


Supportive and safe yet comfy and soft, the huggle snuggle and huggle sprite complement the prescriptive posture management of activity chairs used in the classroom.

The deep sides of the huggle snuggle create a secure, cocoon-like environment whilst supporting the shoulders and upper trunk.

There are two sizes of huggle snuggle - toddler and junior. The chairs are suitable for children of approximately 2-9 years of age.



Different positions for both rest and play are provided by the Tilt-in-Space feature (where the seat and back tilt in unison) and elevating legrest.
Correct yet relaxed postures for a variety of activities from feeding,to playing or watching TV can be achieved with a collection of simple to fit accessories.
Pressure is managed by the visco-elastic memory foam in the seat combined with the use of Tilt-in-Space. Adding a CareFlex WaterCell Technology® seat cushion can further enhance pressure relief.
The huggle chairs can be set up precisely with the help of a large range of seat depth adjustment.
Perfect for use at home, both huggle chairs have four braked castors that allow them to be moved from bedroom to living room with ease.
The chairs are fun and inviting, they combine natural wood finishes with bright colours and gentle curves. The soft covers and comfortable cushions help make the chairs cosy and secure.


Technical Info.

Dimensions (mm)        Junior               Toddler

Seat height                                      430mm                            430mm
Seat width                                       330mm                            270mm
Overall width                                   510mm                            510mm
Seat depth                                   250-390mm                     220-360mm
Back length                                     720mm                             650mm
Arm height                                       140mm                            120mm
Push handle height                     1060mm (average)         990mm (average)
Range of TiS                             horizontal to 30º tilt        horizontal to 30º tilt
Range of knee angle                       90º-150º                           90º-150º
Legrest length                                  400mm                            400mm
Base length                                      710mm                             710mm
TiS clearance                                   300mm                            250mm
Max user weight                                35kg                                    35kg
Product weight                                  38kg                                    35kg



Flame retardant
conforms to BS5852 Crib 5

water or oil based solutions will not absorb into the fabric

Anti-bacterial / anti-fungal
will not support microbial or fungal growth including salmonella, E Coli and MRSA

100% treated polyester