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The HydroFlex®

 The CareFlex rehab chair



•Articulating back to allow for profiling of the back to accommodate more complex head positioning
•Single release footplate mechanism to simplify operation
•Adjustable lateral pads with an increased support area
•'Kidney Pad' profile for adjustable laterals with adjustment to suit asymmetrical posture
•Fixed covers to achieve a cleaner, crisper appearance of the chair

Client Groups

•Semi-ambulant & Non-ambulant
•Cerebral Palsy (Particularly young adult)
•EMI Associated Conditions
•Motor Neurone Disease
•Multiple Sclerosis
•RTA and Spinal Cord Injury



•Domestic / Homecare
•Nursing & Residential homes
•Specialist wards (Stroke rehab, brain / spinal injury, ITU)


Benefits and Features

•Articulating Back
•Flat Backrest with CareFlex WaterCell Technology®
•Elevating, Channel Legrest
•Angle Adjustable, Fold Down Footplate
•Adjustable Wings
•Four Fully Braked Castors
•Vapour Permeable Upholstery to all Contact Areas
•Adjustable Seat Depth
•Back Angle Recline
•Hoist friendly



•Fixed Covers
•Loose Covers
•Extended Footplate
•Detachable Footplate Pad
•Deep Laterally Contoured Backrest
•Transfer Arms(s)
•Manual or Motorised Actuation
•Pro-control Actuation (Only TiS & legrest motorised)
•AutoTilt (Fully motorised or Pro-control actuation)



•Adjustable Laterals (Small / medium / kidney; Regular or wide setting)
•Groin Harness
•Pelvic Strap
•Padded Pelvic Strap
•4-Point Padded Pelvic Strap
•Anterior Knee Strap
•Seat Wedge
•In Line Headrest
•Profiled Soft Headrest
•Shallow / Deep Headrest


Size options and adjustments

•Small model – 280 / 330 / 380 / 430mm seat width options
•Medium model – 350 / 400 / 450 / 500mm seat width options
•Seat Depth Adjustment
•Choice of 2 Different Arm Heights
•Seat height 500 / 530 / 560mm