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HydroTilt® Small and Mini

HydroTilt® Small and Mini 

Simple, dependable, robust

The Small and Mini HydroTilt models provide all the positioning features and pressure relief benefits of the standard HydroTilt with the key dimensions scaled down for frail elderly or paediatric clients. The Small HydroTilt is suited to small clients of all ages whilst the Mini is appropriate for small children from the age of three.


Client Groups


Semi-ambulant and non-ambulant
Frail elderly
Neurological conditions
Cardiovascular conditions
Orthopedic conditions



Domestic / homecare
Nursing and residential homes
Paediatric units and schools
Hospital wards
Hospices and respite care

Benefits and Features


Integrated pressure management in seat and backrest
Independently elevating legrest
Removable covers for easy clean / replacement
Hoist friendly
2 braked, 2 swivel 75mm castors



Manual or motorised actuation
Motorised AutoTilt actuation
25, 50, 75mm riser kits
Channel legrest
Contoured backrest (only available with Small model, 380 & 430 seat widths)
Wooden / soft handgrips or assurance arms



Adjustable laterals
Chest and groin harness
Pelvic strap
Angle adjustable or padded footplate
Legrest extension
Selection of headrests
Tray (standard or padded)
Seat ramp

Size options and adjustments


Small model - 280, 330, 380 and 430mm seat width options
Mini model - 280, 330, 380 and 430mm seat width options (The arm cushions are interchangeable meaning seat width can be adjusted retrospectively)
Seat depth adjustment