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A single motor mechanism that lifts and reclines. This mechanism only requires 4-5” of clearance behind the chair to recline.

Styles of Back

Regal Button Back
With its small delicate wings and broad, strikingly beautiful button back, there is no chair more inviting than the Regal. Traditional elegant styling combined with timeless good looks allow the Regal to blend in effortlessly with most home environments.


Royal Waterfall Back
Practicality and versatility combined with modern styling are the key features which make the Royal one of the most popular chairs on the market. Large supportive wings ensure the cushions are held in position while the three bolster cushions, each with its own zipped back, enable the users to create their own personalised configuration.

Regent Flat Back
A classic looking flat backed chair with large wings, the Regent brings an extra degree of comfort with the additional luxurious head pillow to the foam back. This back is also available in pressure foam thereby providing the perfect solution to pressure management.

Hampton Large Wing Button Back
The Hampton is very similar in looks to the Regal, but the wings are larger therefore creating a back that looks neat and elegant. Its traditional style gives it a timeless look that will match many traditional 3-piece suites


Weight and Size Statistics

Weights 0 - 18 Stones
Sizes 18" - 21" SH
18" - 22" SW
18" - 21" SD

Choice of Material

•Standard Upholstery
•Waterproof Upholstery
•Leather Upholstery

Factory addons

 6 Point Massage
The Relaxor 6 motor massage system has 3 zones that are integrated within the chairs seat and back section, it comes complete with a small heat pad that is fitted in the lumber region. The user has the facility to control the speed and intensity of each zone.

10 Point Massage
The Relaxor 10 motor massage system has 5 zones that are integrated within the chairs seat, back and foot section, it comes complete with a small heat pad that is fitted in the lumber region. The user has the facility to control the speed and intensity of each zone.

Vasco Pressure Seating
For added comfort and relief in your chair Vasco 60 pressure relief foam can be fitted within the upholstered seat.

Gel Pressure Seating
The Gel pads that we have opted for are produced using a Viscous Gel so as to avoid point loading and give cumulative benefit for comfort and relief to the user.

Side Transfer Removable Arm
This option is to enable your client to transfer from a wheelchair into a rise & recline chair with minimal difficulty. The arm is removed before transfer and then replaced once the transfer has been completed.

Wooden Arm Knuckles
Decorative but practical wooden arm extensions, which can be finished in either a natural or mahogany finish.

Fabric Protection
The chairs can be treated with McKlords fabric protection to help maintain the fabrics original quality.

Hazard Sensors
This system is designed to reduce the risk of entrapment and is offered as an additional safety option for your user.


Head Pillow

A small pillow that hangs over the back of the chair allowing the user to adjust its position for comfort and support. It has been weighted to keep it in place.
Arm Caps

The detachable covers slide over the front of the arms of the chair, adding extra protection.
Head Cover

An extra cover for the upper part of the back cushion.