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WaterCell Technology

WaterCell Technology.

CareFlex WaterCell Technology® combines visco-elastic memory foam, high elastic foam and water cells.


The visco-elastic memory foam contours around the client's body ensuring that the maximum surface area is in contact with the chair cushion, therefore evenly distributing the client's weight. The high elastic foam ensures that the cushion is stable, helping the client to retain function and remain independent. The water cells adjust instantly to changes in position, redistributing pressure and prevent the cushion from "bottoming out". CareFlex WaterCell Technology®, when used in combination with a correctly set up chair, helps to create an excellent continuous low pressure seating system suitable for clients at medium to high risk of pressure damage*

CareFlex chairs with WaterCell Technology are constant low pressure systems suitable for medium to high risk clients

The pressure maps compare the difference between standard foam in a vinyl cover, Reflexions® foam with WaterCell Technology in a vinyl cover and Reflexions® foam with WaterCell Technology in a four way stretch, vapour permeable cover.
By mapping the same subject on the three different seat cushions we see that Reflexions® foam and WaterCell Technology show a marked reduction in pressure under the pronounced high pressure points. This is because the Reflexions® foam and WaterCell Technology together generate a large interface between the seat and client, spreading weight more evenly and reducing high pressure points. The VP cover maximises the moulding nature of the Reflexions® foam.

*NB Any pressure-reducing product is only as good as the environment in which it is used. Employed inappropriately or without proper training, pressure-reducing products can be detrimental to tissue viability.

Only avalible in the following chairs:



Hydrotilt Small and Mini


Doge Modular